Day 1: Delores’ Doll

DSC01925  DSC01924

My doll is the first item to go. The goal–find a new home for this doll. The local Doll Club is going to show her and perhaps someone will be able to fix her up and give her a good home. I’ve had this doll since 1943. She was bought at Zellers (downtown Edmonton) for $6.00. My mother had to walk our cow, she was bloated from getting into the fresh alfalfa, and that morning both my sister and I were sick. My mother told me (I was 4) to watch my sister and let mom know if anything happened. My sister went into convulsions (she was 2). I alerted my mother and she came in and rushed my sister to hospital where she had to stay overnight. My mother was so upset she went from the Royal Alexandra Hospital to Zellers and bought us each a doll. I wasn’t privy to my dad’s reaction to the price of the doll, much less the hospital bill, but $12.00 for dolls in those days was probably two weeks wages to a coal miner.

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